Teaching Questions

I do what is called a “teaching hot seat” in my teacher preparation work.  Teachers who have pressing concerns, questions, worries, or brags about teaching come up to the “hot seat” and share those with their teaching community.  The community then has the opportunity to provide thoughts, recommendations, support. or simply a pat on the back, depending on what seems called for.  I chime in at some point with my thoughts, but essentially the “hot seat” is a place for teachers to lean on a community of peers and to further develop that community.

Although nothing can replace a face-to-face community of peers, this forum is meant to provide an online community of peers who can post questions, concerns, brags, or worries about teaching.  It is a virtual “teaching hot seat” if you will.  I will post questions and resources that come from my work with teachers, but feel free to post any questions or resources you might have.  Let’s build a community of teachers!