Flip Flops and Bus Stops

What were you thinking, mom?  They’re so big.  Emma Grace said, and then added, “it will be, like, ten years before they fit.” Although a bit of an exaggeration, she was right. I had done my mom thing on a trip to REI and purchased a pair of flip flops solely because they were on clearance […]

Name that Tune

“Look, I learned to fry an egg.” It was track out and Emma Grace decided she didn’t want to do a camp– she just needed a week at home instead of being at school.  I agreed but let her know that since I had to work, she would have to entertain herself most of the […]

Getting It Wrong

Emma Grace:  “Mom, I’m gonna mess up.  There’s a lot to remember in middle school that I didn’t have to remember in elementary. I’m gonna get it wrong.” Me:  “That’s ok.  That’s what first days are for.” Emma Grace: “Are you kidding?  The first day of school is about getting it wrong?” Me:  “Uh, yeah […]

Running in a headwind toward the lights

This summer I began training for a marathon.  Not just any marathon—the New York City Marathon.  I’ve wanted to run this marathon for years so it is important to me to run a good race.  What this means is that I’ve been following a fairly aggressive training schedule.  This summer, though, has been a particularly […]

Parking for earthquakes

My daughter started second grade two weeks ago.  She is at the same school she’s been attending for three years and yet on the first day, she was a bit nervous. “Mommy, I won’t know what to do when I get to my classroom.” “Well, you do the same thing you did in first grade—you […]


For those of you new to this blog, I love the first day of fall semester and I always send something out to the new and returning teachers I work with–as food for thought about teaching and learning and about their role as teachers.  Below is the 2009-2010 message: August 19, 2009–first day of 2009-2010 […]