Flip Flops and Bus Stops

What were you thinking, mom?  They’re so big.  Emma Grace said, and then added, “it will be, like, ten years before they fit.” Although a bit of an exaggeration, she was right. I had done my mom thing on a trip to REI and purchased a pair of flip flops solely because they were on clearance […]

Getting It Wrong

Emma Grace:  “Mom, I’m gonna mess up.  There’s a lot to remember in middle school that I didn’t have to remember in elementary. I’m gonna get it wrong.” Me:  “That’s ok.  That’s what first days are for.” Emma Grace: “Are you kidding?  The first day of school is about getting it wrong?” Me:  “Uh, yeah […]

Tattoos and Souvenirs*

I have never felt compelled to get a tattoo.  I’m not against them.  I’ve just never felt the need. First, I don’t really like pain.  I can deal with it.  But why, if I don’t have to?  Second, there has never really been anything so significant to me that I’d be willing to have a […]

Towers, Tunnels and Ridges

Every Wednesday is market day in Cagli.  The small town transforms from a quaint medieval village into what can only be described as a merchant’s fantasyland.  Countless 1960’s style white vans drive in town and unfold into tents that showcase clothes, shoes, toys, and other goods.  The vans arrive around 7:30 am or so.  They […]

Running in a headwind toward the lights

This summer I began training for a marathon.  Not just any marathon—the New York City Marathon.  I’ve wanted to run this marathon for years so it is important to me to run a good race.  What this means is that I’ve been following a fairly aggressive training schedule.  This summer, though, has been a particularly […]